Oct 17, 2016

Len Adams main event for this year was classic. Literally... "Classic". He trained for the InGamba Tuscany and l'Eroica tour. This event is described on the InGamba webpage as "Kilometers on the white roads. Vintage brakes, 28mm hand-sewn tires and downtube shifters. White-haired old men in wool jerseys and goggles. Red wine and ribolita at rest stops."  The 8 days of riding with InGamba throughout Tuscany, Italy culminates on the final day with the world famous event known as l'Eroica. l'Eroica is a celebration of vintage cycling on some of the most beautiful gravel roads in Tuscany. All participants must ride a pre-1987 bicycle and are encouraged to wear vintage cycling gear. Over 7,000 riders participated in l'Eroica this year on the various course distances. Len, of course chose the 135 km route and was one of only 3 riders to take on that epic challenge!

Len enjoyed the tour leading up to l'Eroica.  On one of the big days, he finished ahead of his group on the "Duda Climb" which he was thrilled about. Other fantastic efforts included bridging up to the stronger climbers at the final climb to take the sprint at the finish. He was very happy to be able to "dice it up". At l'Eroica, len felt he rode well. One of the biggest challenges for Len was doing the steep gravel descents in the dark (the 135km event starts before sunrise). He explained, he "got dropped being careful!" But as soon as the sun came up he made up a lot of ground. Len felt he had a very solid finish, and was thrilled to realize he finished in less time than when he did it in 2013!

Len is coached by PCG Elite Master Coach Karen Mackin


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