Sep 1, 2016

Big job well done to Rick Harris on his Tennessee MTB XC state championship win. Rick overcame some very wet and muddy conditions to win the men 50+ race. This is Rick's 3rd state championship jersey (mtb xc and criterium) in 2 years. Great work Rick. 

Rick is coached by Elite PCG Coach Brig Brandt

Brig also sent in these other results. Way to go!!!

Big congrats to Paul Claeys on finishing Leadville 100. Before this winter Paul had never ridden longer than 5 hours. This August he left Colorado with a new belt buckle! Not bad for a guy who lives at sea level!

Big congrats to Randal Wichuk on his Leadville performance. Despite being a flat lander from sea level Randal finished his 2nd consecutive Leadville 100 race.