Sep 24, 2015

Coached by Kathy Watts.

Nancy Gangbar finished 4th in her age group at the popular and competitive Subaru Centurion in Collingwood, Ontario this past weekend with an awesome time of 2:47 minutes, despite the rain and extended delay! 

But Nancy is the overall winner, in my book, as the 2015 season has been an extremely tough one. In February, Nancy came home with a viral infection from a trip overseas and started having severe heart rate and blood sugar issues. Within a week she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (the endocrinologist feels strongly that she was genetically predisposed to the disease and the virus triggered it). As a marathon runner and now a budding cyclist, this is crushing news, as monitoring blood sugar and dispensing insulin is difficult for the sedentary person but is even harder for the endurance athlete. Nancy rose to the occasion! Carefully training and watching her blood sugar, heart rate, fatigue levels, and more, she slowly and carefully built back her fitness and topped her last year threshold and power numbers! 

Way to go Nancy!


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