Jul 27, 2015

Marcos Lazzarotto's race report from his win at the Covington Downtown Crit:
After a brief stop at home on Tuesday, I have been competing at Georgia Grand Prix this week and yesterday I was able to take the win at Covington Downtown Criterium!  
The sensations had been good all week and my confidence had been skyhigh, which meant my biggest challenge would be to remain patient over the course of the first 1:15 of racing and with only 1 teammate in the race, cross my fingers hoping everything would come back together near the end.

With a full-on battle for the overall lead in the series unrolling, my thoughts became reality. When things came back together with 7 laps to go, I knew I had to take off immediately. Finding some good company in Ken's Bike Shop rider Eric Serantoni, I snapped away from the field and we grew our lead very quickly. 

Careful not to underestimate my breakaway companion, I jumped around him immediately before the last corner and carried just a touch more momentum to take the win. 

Winning is always fun, but it's even better when you do it while meeting some great people and making some new friends! Glad to pull it off for Capital Racing LLC.

Peaks Coaching Group coach Hunter Allen had been telling me I needed to conquer my criterium dragon for quite a while. I think I just became friends with the beast!!
Photo courtesy of The Pro Chase by Marcos Lazzarotto


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