Jun 29, 2015

WANOGA SNO-PARK — Adam Bucklin said he had been eyeing a win at Pickett’s Charge! for at least a year.
Just before noon Sunday the 40-year-old Bend resident raced out from the winding Tiddlywinks trail, pushed up one final switchback to climb up to the paved road at Wanoga Sno-park and rolled through the final 100 feet to the finish line with a three-minute lead on second-place Carl Decker, another 40-year-old Bend resident. Bucklin threw up his fist and yelled in triumph as he completed the 22-mile cross-country mountain bike race in 1 hour, 25 minutes and 25 seconds.
“I was happy that all the training I did made that happen,” Bucklin said. “It’s a local race, it’s in my backyard, but there are some other guys I race against who are really fast and it’s also in their backyard. So the competition’s really good here, and I wanted to come out here and prove myself on this course.”

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