May 11, 2015

Jeffrey Reed took 2nd place in a very hard hill climb TT, which put him in 1st place in the Zhejiang series in China.

Here is Jeffrey’s race report, “Aarrgghhhhh! I lost the first km+ and at my highest power output. Didn't notice the distance wasn't increasing and then I hit the start button and pushed play. I started out at over 200% and then in the 150%+ for a while. At the start I was delayed by a guy falling over and another guy who couldn't get into his pedals.

Overall, I got 2nd place. I also have 1st place in the Zhejiang series and I am the Mountain climbing champion as well! Ha - an 89kg, 6'5 guy! So funny but I really pushed hard. I think my NP is over 350 and definitely would have been had I got the first section.”

On top of his podium finish and overall lead in the series, Jeffrey and his wife welcomed a baby boy on Wednesday! Congrats to Jeffrey and his wife.

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin


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