May 11, 2015

This past weekend, Glenn Sturichio rode a 300K Brevet and had an excellent start to the season. Glenn is building towards his goal of a 1200K at the end of the summer.

Here is Glenn’s report about the ride, “It was a death march!! There were 25 riders on the 300k, I was in the lead group of 3 riders - Johan was a beast, he has been training hard for PBP (and Hall is no slouch, I've ridden with him before). At about mile 90, I hit the wall. I think I was bonking or dehydrated - we had good cool weather. I just couldn't sustain any watts going up hills, so I fell off the back, started spinning and sucked down so gel & half a water bottle. Took my time at the lunch stop at 93 miles. After lunch, I saw Jonah and Hall about a quarter mile ahead of me on a rolling river road - I pushed and caught them (~ mile 110). We rode together to the end, but both Hall and I were in the hurt locker trying to hold Jonah's wheel - fortunately, he slowed down because there were some nasty crosswind sections. Overall I was satisfied, since I didn't give up and the effort was harder than the Ames 200k. My legs are still hurting this morning and I'm about to get changed to do my recovery ride on the KICKR. 

Here are the numbers:
Miles: 187.8
Avg. mph: 17.9
TSS: 350
IF: 0.588
KJ: 5400
Saddle time: about 10:30
Total time: 12:18”

Way to go Glenn!!

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin


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