Apr 6, 2015

Bucknell University senior Daniel Lazier scored a 5th place in the Army “A” road race. The Bucknell Cycling Team competes in the Easters Collegiate Cycling Conference. Thirty miles into the race, Dan and four others formed a break on the hilly Harriman course. Dan has been slamming his intervals in the hills just off campus in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. The group prevailed after 40 additional miles of climbing and Dan held on for 5th place scoring big points for his Bucknell team. Teammate Brian Case added points with a 12th in the “B” road race and 8th in the “B” criterium at West Point while Christian Ouellette notches a 2nd ahead of 3rd place teammate Dave Schell in the “D” criterium. Go Bucknell!

PCG Coach: Bill Brunner


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