Feb 18, 2015

If you live on the East Coast, especially anywhere in New England, I am sure you are just about ready to head for warmer climates. Snow is not the only reason some of us are sequestered to the trainer. Charles Hutton is training in the Doha Qatar and will return home the first week of March for his goal race, Cape Argus http://www.cycletour.co.za/. in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lately dust storms have kept outside activity to a minimum. One more challenge is the UAE is flat… flat as a board and the tour is anything but flat. So Charles has spent a fair numbers of rides on the trainer with the front wheel lifted to mimic his climbing position; and 2 hours on the trainer when it is sunny and warm out is dedication. 

It’s not all blowing sand in Qatar, current daytime temperatures are a toasty 85, the perfect temperature for evening crits and weekend road races.

And every now and then some of the Pro’s drop by for a stage race...

PCG Coach: James Schaefer


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