Dec 17, 2014

“The Elite Women’s event was a runaway as well, and again, it was performed by one of the series veterans. Christina Probert-Turner (Turner TEAM), 47 years young, rode away from 15-year-old Summer Moak (Felt/K-Edge) at the halfway mark and remained unchallenged the rest of the way. Christine Pai (Knobbe Martens Intellectual Property Law) was able to reel in Moak on the last lap for second place. Robin Kaminsky (StageOne) took a hard fall on the switchback descent on lap two, but was able to shake it off and finish fourth.

Like Pacheco, Moak leveraged consistent podium finishes (but no wins), to easily claim the Women’s crown. Both Moak and Probert-Turner (series runner-up) pointed out that not having contenders Amanda Nauman and Nicole Brandt in regular attendance had an affect on the results throughout the year.

Elite Women’s Santa Cross Results:
1. Christina Probert-Turner (The TEAM/Turner
2. Christine Pai (Knobbe Martens IP Law)
3. Summer Moak (Felt/K-Edge)
4. Robin Kaminsky (StageOne)

Great work, Christina!!


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