Aug 18, 2014

Athlete: Saori Hoteida 
Race: Japan J2 MTB cross country series
Place: 1st!
Distance: 6.0km (short sprint race!)
Time: 0:40:00 
AVG: 12.0kmh

Saori Hoteida was able to get away from the pack at the start and stayed away for the remainder of the race! Saori even managed to catch some male riders who started ahead of women's race!

Saori spoke to her coach Takashi post-race and said, “It was really muddy because of the rain this week. And it's extremely hot and humid today. My goal for today is not only winning, but catching up male rider who started ahead of us. I overtook three male riders and won!  I just started with Takashi's coaching. He gave me some advice how to handle the hot weather. Thank you Takashi!”

Great work Saori!

PCG Coach: Takashi Nakata


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