Jun 9, 2014

Dr. Marcus Richter had a stellar week of racing this past week.  On 5/31/14, Marcus took part in the German Medical Championships. This particular marathon bike was very fast, technical, and climbs of over 1000 meters!  Marcus was able to set a new personal best on the course and place 5th overall. In continuing with his race week, Marcus raced in Protective Bike 4 Peaks mountain bike stage race from 6/4-6/7. 

This marathon mountain bike race was a true test of grit and determination.  The race consisted of 4 stages with a total of 274 km of racing and 9,200 meters of climbing throughout southern Germany and northern Austria.  Overall, Marcus placed 21st out of 295 participants in his division.  Additionally, he placed 10 overall in Stage 2.  Great job Marcus!!

PCG Coach: Chris Myers


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