May 5, 2014

Shohei Ikeda raced the ‘Tour of Friendship’ in Thailand, a 5 stage race which draws strong international competition. He finished 2nd on the 130 Km stage three. Shohei said “Day3;  A big stage.  A climb at 39km split apart everybody.  An apparent to be GC leader "Chris N" (who I followed) pushed initial 2kms very hard.  I suffered but managed HR below 182 (I think average around 176).  A front group of 6 was formed after the climb and stayed with them to the sprint finish.  Between 70km-100km (along the lake), I didn't feel so well.  But at 100km, I started feeling very well, maybe because I digested energy bars.  I have not pushed hard from 100km to the Finish though, because I was thinking there would be a short uphill just before the finish but apparently, it was all flat after 110km to the Finish.” 

Then on the uphill finish for stage 4 he again finished 2nd. on the uphill finish 4th stage. Shohei said, “A middle section of climb was so gradual and the peloton was slow enough that majority stayed till the last climb. The last climb split everybody apart. I attacked 100m to the top of the climb but caught by 3 other riders at the last 3-400m flat section. Sprint finish with 2nd place.”  

Shohei’s fine efforts in all 5 stages earned him 6th place in the final General Classification. Shohei has been training hard despite his location in Hong Kong.

PCG Coach: Gordy Paulson