Aug 26, 2013

Here is the account of Nick’s Race for the Sedalia Criterium on 8/24/13 in the Cat. ¾ race, "Raced for teammate Brian who is better from a break in crits. We said we would put him in a later break and that I would go for most of the primes. I won 3 taking $80. On the 4th for offer I told Brian that I would launch him into the break and to get on my wheel. We stayed a bit farther back and we gave the primes to someone else and Brian was in the break. I stayed near the front to mess with any chase efforts and at the finish I sprinted for the field win and 3rd overall."

This is Nicks account of the Sedalia Criterium on 8/24/13 from his racing in the P 1/2/3, "This was a great race. I sprinted and won the $100 dollar prime on the 2nd lap that my teammate Luke lead me out for. I was suffering pretty bad after that but fought for the whole race working to put our rider Grant into the big break. He made it and they lapped the field. We were able to keep him of front and lead him out for the race win! This was also at night, I love night racing! I had some speed cadence sensor problems."

Nick has been flying and he also is looking forward to Labor Day weekend.

Excellent job, Nick!! You are crushing it in training and it is showing in your racing!!!!

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin