Jun 17, 2013

On June 15, Mike Rickey took on the O'Fallon Grand Prix Road Race (also Illinois State Road Race Championship) and told his coach, “Finished 5th. 4th in Illinois. Felt great all day. Hot day which hurt most guys. Lost my lead-out at 350 meters to go so I had to sprint early.”

On June 16, Mike took on the O'Fallon Grand Prix Crit Masters Race and finished 5th.

Mike wrote this to his coach about the race, “Flatted on the last lap with 3 turns to go. Finished 9th.”

Mike did an awesome job to still finish in the top 10 even though he did flat in the final lap. Mike has been giving it all to his training and his first main goal is still a few weeks off and he is also set to be on perfect form!!!

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin