Jun 4, 2013

Article from Lexpress.mu:

“The South African Alan Gordon took control of the Island Tour  2013. He is the leader of the South African training Ownsurance-V-Office has won the first stage, the race against the team time trial.

The South African club Ownsurance-V-Agency made ​​the best time of the clock against a team that kicked off the 2013 Tour of Mauritius on Tuesday, May 4 at Sorèze. This is Alan Gordon, 22 years and one of the favorites this year, who wore the yellow jersey. There is 1st overall. He achieved a time of 17m 54s on a journey of 13.4 miles on the Ring Road Sorèze.

The second best time was done by the bike club Grapefruit 18m18s. The two e stage is scheduled for tomorrow. The Island Tour 2013 will run in seven steps. Some 58 riders from 12 teams are in the race.”

Congratulations, Alan!

PCG Coach: Tim Hall