May 28, 2013

Arden on the leader podium!

Albany, Georgia was the first of the five event SRS races, a new series focused on highlighting the state and regional talent throughout the southeast.  Arden toed the line with one teammate for the Criterium and brought home the sprinter’s jersey and the win while her teammate won most of the other primes offered in the 50-minute race. 

Arden's jerseys

In Arden’s words, “After several attacks I got some good separation and we were able to get away. We ended up lapping the field, then sprinted it out for the finish. My legs felt great! I felt really strong and in control."  Arden raced solo the next day in the road race, this time bringing home the leader’s jersey and the QOM!  Next stop, Montgomery, Alabama in June. 

PCG Coach: Marianne Holt