Feb 26, 2013

Paul, rolled away from the peloton and won !!! 1st place @ Snelling RR, Masters Cat 4 35+, Snelling California.  Paul is very familiar with the rolling course along with changing wind direction.  The day of the race was typical, up to 15mph winds.  He had a plan and he executed it perfectly.  He was very efficient during the first three laps of the race staying well below his FTP.  With 5 miles to go, to took advantage of the sleeping peloton and rolled away into a head wind.  He looked back and no one was chasing, without drawing attention, he pushed the pace eventually gaping the peloton by 5 seconds.  As he came to the cross wind section, he slowly picked up the pace increasing the gap to 20 seconds.  The Moto pulls up and tells him he has 40 seconds.  He made the final right turn, picking the best line, through the cobble section, now having a tail wind.  Within seconds he could see the 1K marker and the peloton was just rounding the corner. 

Time to celebrate, first win in two years!! 

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann