Dec 17, 2012

As a beginner, learning the world of cyclocross can be somewhat daunting, especially for a fairly new racer with little to no mountain bike experience.    Bruce Rychlik took on the challenge of continual improvement (and finishing in the top 50%) during his 3 month long cyclocross season.   At the New England Regional Cyclocross Championship race in Fitchburg, MA,  Bruce had a ball, finishing up his season with a massive success by hitting both of these goals.   He raced a smart race, starting out by arriving early and studying the course with a keen eye and some hard trials.  As Bruce recalled the race, he commented - "Great end to the season. Working on strategy with Karen before and after each race really helped - and the 12 week strength program she has me on definitely helped as I felt stronger overall, had less stomach muscle fatigue, less arm weakness when lifting my bike, and maybe a bit more explosiveness when I needed it. I am looking forward to 2013."

PCG Coach:  Karen Mackin