Oct 6, 2017

Chris Chelius met and exceeded his expectations at Ironman Barcelona last weekend and smashed his personal best and target time of under 11hrs and crossed the finish line in 10hr 14min 48secs!
Not only did he smash his personal best but he also hit 3 personal bests in the swim, bike and run too!
Chris managed to swim strong against the current and with it coming back to transition and then powered through the bike as steady as could be. With a target watts of 190-220w the goal was to maintain and sustain a constant power as steady as he could being the course was so flat and fast. With lots of fast bikers on the course this proved difficult with surges and passes and many times trying to break so as not to get stopped for drafting like so many were being caught for. 
Chris was training weeks before in training with the goal as going hard for the last hour of every long training bike as many fade substantially after 4hrs. He executed this perfectly and maintained his power from start to finish and no decline or fatigue showing in analysing his files after the race.

179km - TIME 5:01:06hr - IF 0.76 - NP 198 / AVE 194w - TSS 289 - 3429KJ - VI 1.02

With such a strong bike he then carried through and ran 3:55:43hr with a goal of sub 4hrs. This included 5min of walking half way through when his shoulder was giving his considerable discomfort. 
Like the bike Chris managed a consistently paced, steady paced run focussing on holding pace (5:24per km 1st half, 5:40per km second half). So as expected a very slight decline in pace for a fantastic sub 4hr marathon.

His PCG Elite Coach Mark Tickner said, "A perfect example of how to train for, execute a race day plan and exceed expectations as a result!"


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