Sep 28, 2017

PCG Associate Coach Patricia Brownell sends:

"This is one of my amazing athletes, Charlie Catalano.  Not only did he finish Ironman Chatanooga this weekend with a great time, HE CARRIED A GUY FOUR MILES TO THE FINISH LINE!  And the icing on the cake?  He does this all with type 1 diabetes.

I still can't get over this. I spent a lot of time worrying as to the reason Charlie was slowing down the last 4 miles of the run (after all, diabetes can have some negative effects from time to time and he'd been moving for 140 miles at this point). And then to see him emerge, carrying this guy....I was just in awe. Charlie impresses me on a daily basis but this left me breathless.

I’ve coached Charlie for over four years now and he never ceases to amaze me…but this one is just over-the-top-amazing.  If this one doesn’t deserve a shout out, I don’t know what does!"


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