Sep 25, 2017

Barry Brown competed in 3 cycling events in the World Police and Fire Games held in Los
Angeles, August 6th -9th 2017 finishing in the top 10 in his age group in each of the three events
that the entered. “I'm extremely pleased with my WPFG results considering the (International)
competition," said Barry.

Barry finished ninth in the Criterium which came down to field Sprint. Next up was the Time
Trial where he finished 10th and commented, "I went the fastest I have ever gone by myself at
that distance,” and “I gave it all I had!" The last race was a 35 mile Road race which included
2,700 feet of climbing and Barry finished eighth in this hard fought event.

Barry a 42-year-old firefighter from Roanoke Virginia, decided to race the 2017 games as his
goal in early May. A category 4 rider with just 2 years of experience, Barry wanting to give it his
all in the World Police and Fire Games and decided he better hire a coach. "Once I decided to
call up Peaks Coaching Group, and started my training in mid-May 2017, I immediately began to
see major gains in my cycling power."

Barry’s preparation time to reach his goal was extremely short and Coach Hoffman was initially
reluctant to take him on but it was Barry’s commitment that tipped the scales: to do each
scheduled workout as planned, log-in feedback on each workout file uploaded to Training Peaks,
and to fulfill the overall training protocol--including rest and massage--all that, combined with a
strong desire to succeed is what made the difference!

Barry and his Coach were both impressed with his increase in power and performance over such
a short time. With two months of steady training Barry improve his average power and FTP
power by 68 Watts! Barry writes, "On March 18, 2017 I did the 30 minute Cat 4 criterium at a
speedway in Elon, North Carolina. My average speed was 24.1 mph and my average power was
212 Watts.” This was before being coached. A few months later Barry went back to the same
course and distance with similar conditions. "This time," he says, "after only a couple of months
of being trained by Coach Hoffman, my average speed was 26.2 mph (2 mph faster) and my
average power was 280 Watts (up 68 Watts)."

What's up next for Barry? He's hooked--and determined to continue to improve. His new goal is
an even better finish at the World Police and Fireman games 2018 in China!

Barry is coached by PCG Elite Coach Charles Gary Hoffman


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