Dec 15, 2017

Coach David Ertl sends:

"It’s interesting what motivates various athletes. For some it’s race results but most of the people I’ve coached don’t race but instead have ride/tour goals, Fondos or other events, or simply want ‘to get faster’.   I’ve been working with Kenyon Cox for a couple of years now and he is a randonneur, doing 200, 300 and 400 km rides.  He just sent me this photo from the Randonneur magazine showing that he was awarded the P-12 award for doing at least one 100+K ride each month for a year.   For him, I’ve challenged him to beat his previous time on each of his 100K rides, which he has done lately. We have to get creative with goals sometimes.  He’s obviously pretty proud of this."

Kenyon is coached by PCG Elite Coach David Ertl


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