Sep 19, 2017

Gil Silvia's team finished 2nd in the September 9, 2017 Martha's Vineyard 1/2 Triathlon 400 athlete event. Gil rode the bicycle leg and was the fasted overall time of the day pulling back 9 minutes on the leaders after an 11 minute deficit in the swim.

This is Gil's 2018 A race event. He generated 298 watts NP, up 16 watts from 2017, for the 2 hours and 18 minutes ride in spite of back pain that kicked in with 40 minutes to go.

Gil said working closely with coach Hoffman his "peak performance was perfectly timed" as evidenced by hitting PRs in the Vineyard's Kamata TT series the week before, with 392 watts--up 18 watts on a windy day--then shaving off 10 seconds his best time the week after on September 13th, generating 397 watts only 8 seconds off the course record of 11:48 and 3 seconds off 2nd place all-time set by ex-pro Mark McCormack.

Gil is coached by PCG elite coach Charles Gary Hoffman.


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