Aug 8, 2016

Aug 7th, 2016 

PCG coach Stacey McMickens started the swim leg of the River Cities Sprint Triathlon in Benton, LA in a very relaxed state.   She really had no expectations due to the fact that she was nursing an injury, she figured she might do a little walk/run for the run portion.   She had a fantastic swim and took off on the bike.  "My legs did get in the pain cave on a couple of climbs and for a couple of 'get away from this dude' moments, but the bike went well and felt fast and I thought I crushed it!".  Then, on to the run.  She started with a slow jog, paying close attention to her calf.  It seemed to feel fine, so after 5 minutes of running she thought "screw it, let me see if I can just run the whole thing".  She did, and was thrilled to find out she finished 2nd in her age group!  

Congratulations Stacey!

Stacey is coached by PCG Coach Karen Mackin


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