Aug 11, 2016

Miles Whitford (17), Montclair Bikery Development wins New Jersey State Championships in a sprint finish. 
Here is his race report:

“I must admit I was a little worried going into this race. My goals were to just stay at the front and optimally place in the top 10. I also wanted to get one of us from Montclair on the podium. Just from looking at the race profile I was expecting the climb to be long and hard, but I was relieved when it was that short step climb followed by a flat. That overestimation made the race a little more bearable. On the climb, I just tried to maintain my spot at the front. I often found myself moving up in the group, which helped. Then even if a small gap formed before the descent, I didn't have to use my brakes so I just glided back up to the group. Then it was usually slow on the flats so if I wasn't close enough to the front I would move up then. Then I just sprinted until my legs got stiff and I just kept pushing and finished fifth overall and the first from New Jersey to win the NJ Championship!”

Miles Whitford is coached by PCG Coach Bill Brunner


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