Jul 28, 2016

Robb Herrick won the Red Kite Bump Circuit Race, Masters 35+ 3/4 race in Livermore, CA, 
with temperatures reaching over 100 degree at race start. Can’t remember the last time he was late to the start. Caught the peloton as soon as the whistle blew and wouldn’t you know it, someone takes off the front. 

Wasn’t part of the plan, but decided to ride up the left side of the peloton and bridge the gap. It worked. After the first lap, there were six riders in a rotating pace line. On the last lap after a small climb, he set a good tempo and a small gap opened, switched to TT mode and rode away for the win! 

The beginning of an awesome fall season!

Robb is coached by PCG Coach Earl Zimmerman


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