Jul 11, 2016

Peaks athlete Jim Olsen has been enjoying life for the past few weeks doing the fun climbs in Italy, as well as enjoying the culture, food, and Italian hospitality. 

Jim lives in Michigan near the lake, and finding places close to home to do longer climbs as preparation for the ride was a challenge. So, Jim was able to make several trips to one of America’s great cycling hills---Mt. Lemmon---and that helped him prepare. 

We also used a variety of Computrainer ERG videos including some Italian climbs, as well as the entire set of ERG videos developed by Peaks Coaching Group. In the winter months we also used cross-country skiing as cross-training, and he worked with a Peaks nutritionist Namrita Kumar to become more lean. 

Jim has been coached by Peaks Elite/Master Coach Randy Catron for the past several years.


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