Jul 25, 2016

Andrew got 3rd today at the XC race.  Yeeeeah!

It was a pretty tough race, he got a good call-up (6th rider), but a got boxed in (cut off) right after the start, so he had to work his way up from around 7th or 8th to 3rd.

I am positive he had at least 2nd place in him, but he probably expelled a lot of energy just to catch up.

Very proud of him.  Aside from Southeastern finals next weekend, this concludes the highlights of his season.

We will see how we'll go about next season and priorities.  In the meantime, THANKS for your coaching and great guidance!  

I am sure we would have put in too much intensity prior to the races without your advice.


Andrew is coached by PCG Coach David Tonetello


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