Jun 23, 2016

Phil had an awesome race finishing 2nd in age group qualifying for the World Ironman 70.3 Championships and 27th overall in such a world class field! With a full time job and a family, being in great shape on limited hours (averaging 10-15hrs a week) for this race is always a challenge. 

Phil's goal was to swim hard limiting his losses as this is his weakest area... 
"swim the swim - rolling start was good, no chaos at all, very pleasant". Goal 1 down.

Then we decided he would really work to his strength on the bike and get back as many places as he could. With a recent achilles injury he had to be wary...Decided to smash the bike not knowing how the achilles would hold out on the run. just pushed hard from the start and kept pushing. 

Enormous storm came through about half just as course got tricky. Some sketchy braking and cornering on TT bike tested bike handling! "Flew past so many people and nobody passed me. Literally empty transition 2 on arrival is always nice."

Running has been progressively improving though the past 4 years and his strength is his strength! As a large tall athlete running strength is the goal.

"started the run with two male pros (a lap ahead) so got dragged along too quickly, settled down 2nd lap, got tired 3rd lap and hung in. awesome to come second in AG, qualify for world champs, what a day!"

Athlete: Phillip Eaves
Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire, UK.
Phillip's PCG Coach is Mark Tickner


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