Jun 7, 2016

This past Sunday, June 5th 2016, the husband and wife team of Lynette and Siong Hing each rode to victory in their respective TriFactor Race in Singapore.   

The course was very technical with 8 Turns per 7km Loop - thats 40 Turns! - many of which were U-turns (see image).  This meant it was very important to stay near the front, taking advantage of the accordion effect which dwindled the starting field of 50 riders down to peloton of 15.   

In the end, Siong caught the remaining 15 off guard, by attacking early and getting a solid 20meter gap which he held for close to 300m to win the race.   

Lynette's race came down to metering out enough energy to drop most of the field but not too much so that she could not put down a few last killer efforts to drop the remaining 2 before it came down to a sprint (as these girls definitely would have preferred that!)   

Coached by PCG Coach Karen Mackin


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