Aug 1, 2014

Vicki Nicholson who I dub the “fastest female master racer in India” continues to win. I love reading her post race comments. There is never a dull moment on her way to the podium.

She took first place on the BBCH Crit

“Quite happy, I rode strong and dropped the other women almost immediately. Worked a bit with one of the Under 18 boys (after we dropped all the other boys), there was some wind, as it had darkened over before showers which made the conditions tougher than when we raced on this course last year. We had some light rain but the road surface was fine. I did put out some sprints, especially where the road rises up a slight incline on each lap.  HR was quite high throughout. There were two primes and I pushed it a bit more for both of those. However on the final U turn Vishwas who I had been working with got ahead of me and took the line in front. I was not able to motivate myself to push really hard to get back to him (which I think I could have done had I been sharper on that last half km), apart from that I think I rode well and handled the bike well. “

Then she went on to win the Epic Nandi 100 K Road Race

“Had an awesome race, really able to do what we had trained for. Rode much better in the peloton, further up more aggressive at holding my spot, and got as much shelter as I could from the very strong cross winds. I was with the front bunch until about the 60km mark. At that point they really attacked hard at the front and it broke into two lead groups, I fell off the back of the second and tried my mightiest to get back but at that point I could do no more and it was OK, I had done a ton of short surges on the hills to stay with the bunch until that point. I ended up in a third group, a lot of them the good 18 and under riders and a group of five of us worked together to the turn off and then up to the hill. When we got off the highway we backed off the pace quite a bit and I found myself encouraging the youngsters who were fading and then we started to ride quite steady!! You'll see the power drop for parts of that 13km, but I did what I could and we did pick up, and it seemed best to stay with them, I didn't fancy facing it alone. Apparently the two lead groups slowed down quite a lot as well and most importantly no-one caught us. And then the hill, I got into a nice rhythm for the lower section, keeping it around 160 to 170 watts as much as I could, keeping the cadence going, was dropped by a couple of the boys, and dropped the two others myself and caught about four other people and cruised by them on the hill including one guy who I had passed and he had passed me again (that was very motivating). As I reached the tougher part that we have been training on i just told myself this is easy (though it didn't feel it in my legs and I had to spin and use an easier gear) but i focused on keeping my cadence going and then Hari who didn’t race as he had a tooth infection appeared on foot for the last three hair pin bends and ran along behind me shouting and encouraging me (it was beautiful) and I just kept it going to the top and the finish. I won the Women's race by 27 minutes my time was 3 hrs. 1 minute and I did the hill in 33 min. a minute and a half faster than I rode it at the end of the same race last October. It was a great race and I am thrilled with how it went. THANK YOU Lisa :-)”

Vicki, great job! 

PCG Coach: Lisa Tonello 


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