Aug 12, 2014

Robb Herrick was first in the hill climb, TT and 2nd in the RR in Navoto, CA.  Conditions were not optimal today. Weather was rainy and roads were slick. My heart rate data wasn't collecting and my power numbers seemed way off (a week later found out a bolt was loose) I had to ride this to my perceived rate of exertion and knowing I was averaging 27.4 mph, I knew I was putting out a solid effort. I researched the course on Strava last night and got there an extra hour early to drive the course which I am glad I did. The first 4 miles were downhill, fast, and a lot of turns. I pushed it as hard as I could and had to fight visibility and slick roads due to the rain. I used as much road as I could and kept a good cadence and had a great overall time. I ended up with a gold medal and best overall time today.

What a collection of medals this year!!!

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann


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