Jul 30, 2014

Missed the podium by 4 seconds @ NCNCA 40K TT State Championship 40 to 44 Open Category, combined Cat 1 thru Cat 5s. 

"I knew I had to be fast. The conditions were perfect. It was around 72 degrees at the start and little to no wind. I was able to use my disk wheel in the back and an extremely deep dish wheel in the front. I had an easy week, a good night sleep, great warm-up and the bike rode perfect.  I pushed myself to get as close to 30mph average as I could. I passed two riders on the way out and created a big gap on the rider right behind me. I knew I had a pretty good pace going and I was right on the edge for the entire race. Around 5 miles left, my left quad began cramping a bit. I was able to fight it off and keep going in Threshold, but I knew I was teetering on the brink. I crossed the line feeling good about my effort and knowing I left nothing out there. I ended up missing third by 4 seconds, missed second by 11 seconds and missed winning by 20 seconds. The winner and second place were Cat 1 and Cat 2 racers. I set a new personal best for a 40K. My last one was 56:43 and averaging 26.3 mph. Today I did it in 52:40 and averaged 28.3 mph. I know I can improve on this and be a contender next year, as I have only had this bike for 4 months and have been racing TTs for less than a year."

Congratulations Robb!!!

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann


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