Jul 29, 2014

Javier Rodriguez is in his first year as a competitive cyclist and has progressed from mid-pack finishes earlier this season to placing second at the Hualahuises MTB Marathon race this past weekend. 

Here is Javier's race report to his coach, "We got today second place!!!! It was a tough race and I ended very tired but at some point I was at 1st place. On the last kilometers I was able to catch up on the street (the segment on the road) the guy on first place and attacked hard to pass him. But at the end it was too much effort to close the gap and then trying to create one against him that I got too tired and he was able to catch me and pass me. I didn't have enough strength to close the gap, so he entered just a few seconds before me. I am really happy and I want to thank you for all the help.  It is really a difference from what I was achieving last year. We'll keep it up!" 

Great work, Javier! We can't wait to see what the future holds.

PCG Coach: David Tonello


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