Jul 22, 2014

Bryan is far left
Bryan Urakawa takes 2nd place (Silver Medal) in the Masters 40-49 category at the Georgetown Criterium - Washington State Championship in Seattle, WA!

Bryan’s specialty is criterium racing and sprinting, so performing well in the state crit championship has been a priority.  Bryan has several victories under his belt this season, and this gave him confidence to perform well.  His training buildup of late has included VO2 microbursts and top end sprint work to have him sharp for the championship.  Here are Bryan’s words about the race: “I had 2 teammates who kept an eye on the field while I sat in. The pace was oddly high with the field riding single file for the majority of the race and limited places to advance.  I rode the last lap in a less-than-ideal position and came through the last turn around 8th.  As I came through the turn and jumped, I heard your voice telling me to "unleash a blistering sprint", so I did, passing all but the rider who led through the last turn.  A bit more course and...  My 2 teammates came through in 8th and 10th.”

PCG Coach: Tim Hall


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