Jul 11, 2014

Congratulations to Bill Northrup on a successful Maratona Dles Dolomites! What a great accomplishment. Last year Bill’s race was abridged because of cold weather, rain and slippery roads. This year was perfect:  sunny with temperatures in the 70’s.  At 65, this year was Bill’s last attempt at completing the 138-km course. The organizers won’t let 65+ riders into the 138-km event.  Bill and his daughter Tracy rode together; what a great way to spend the day with your Dad! To fully understand how impressive this accomplishment is, Bill survived the New England winter of 2013-14. Most of his rides this winter were done on a trainer. Even this spring was rainy, and that meant more time in the pain cave. Bill’s perseverance and dedication to his training were the key elements to an incredible day in the Dolomites. Congratulations… well done!

PCG Coach: James Schafer


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