Jul 14, 2014

Barry Dickson has been on a tear of long distance riding lately. He recently completed a double century ride in the best time for his age group (476 TSS) and then, seven days later another, the Diabolical Double Garrett County Grand Fondo (455 TSS). Each double century contained more than 13,000 feet of climbing. Not to be overdone, less than 30 days later Barry went on to complete a 1000km Brevet. Barry said of this, “I finished in 39:44, riding right through. Total riding time was 33:29. Lost at least an hour or so to navigational errors, unable to find hotels, arriving at a checkpoint about 30 minutes before drop bag, etc. But with total average speed of 25.3kph and moving average of 30.1, I was more than happy with the performance. Very hot and humid conditions too; the night riding was lovely.”

Barry is preparing for the daunting challenge of riding the Haute Route Dolomites and the Haute Route Alps back to back. Given his already impressive performances in these epic rides, there’s little doubt that Barry’s going to rock these two events also.

PCG Coach: Gordy Paulson 


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