Jun 10, 2014

Once again, Robb is on the top step of the podium at Steve Dunlap TT in Winters, CA.  On June 9th, everyone suffered with the conditions; 98 degrees at the start with 20 + mph winds.  I was debating using my disk in the back or a HED 6, and luckily ended up finding a small tear in the sidewall with the tube bulging. Luck is finally on my side, so it made my decision easier to go with the HED 6s on front and back. 30K (18.6 miles) out and back on Putah Creek and Stevenson Creek roads in Winters. Got there extra early, found a great place to park under a big tree with lots of shade. Great warm-up, came off the trainer loose and ready to go. 11:24 start time. Got there in plenty of time and started off relaxed. First time got to ride down a start ramp, kind of cool. Set a torrid pace on the way out. A lot of crosswinds out on the course. Rode into more head and crosswinds on the way back. Focused on just trying to keep speed and cadence up. Able to continually pick off several riders. Really just hot, windy and miserable conditions. Tried to keep the power and speed up the best I could. Stayed on the brink and during the last 2k had nausea and dizziness, but able to push through. Was really happy overall with the time and MPH with the conditions of today.

Congratulations Robb!!

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann


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