Jun 16, 2014

A recap from Lefteris, “3 hours of endurance was the best I could do today due to yesterday's race. Finally the climbs were short in time and low grade yesterday. I took the lead at the 1st climb and only 4 persons managed to follow but then there was a steep descent so we became 12 athletes. At the 2nd climb I pushed but I managed to take 40 secs difference because it was small in duration and 3% slope. So then they caught me and then for 30km of straight I tried to break several times but no one followed and they only was chasing. The last 10 km I pushed hard and managed to break but they caught me 2km before the end so I finished 4th. I am happy because I am not the guy that goes easily all the way and waiting for the sprint.”

Great job, Lefteris!

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin


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