Jun 24, 2014

Janice Sheufelt has done it! She has won the under 50 women’s SOLO RAAM! 

She trained incredibly hard for this event and it’s been an accumulation of 4 years of hard work. Each year, she has gone a little farther, done a little more and last year she won the two person Mixed team RAAM, so in 2014 she decided she was ready for solo RAAM.

An incredible crew of support helped her along the way with one crew resting while the other crew supported. A RV stocked full of food and goodies kept her fed throughout with a massage therapist to work out the kinks of the 20+ hour days.

Not sleeping at all for the first 40 hours helped to give her a great lead, along with superior pacing strategy using her power meter to pace throughout, however the elevation got to her in Colorado. She had to spend a night in the emergency room and lost her 10 hour lead and now was 2-3 hours behind the first place rider.

Fortunately, she recovered from the altitude sickness and the 12 hours in the hospital was a rest that the other competitors did not get. She re-took the lead in the farm lands of the Midwest and held onto it all the way to the finish, where she finished in 11days, 18 hours and 2 minutes, 14 hours ahead of second place!  

Way to go Janice!! Along with winning the overall women’s division, she also won the RAAM women’s rookie award!

PCG Coach: Hunter Allen 


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