Jun 3, 2014

Even coaches get nervous before an event. This was Peaks Coach Karen Mackin's experience prior to the Minuteman Road Club Ken Harrod Memorial Bike W3/4 Race: she spent the day prior in the emergency room tending to her husband, Bob, who had an unfortunate bike collision with a kamikaze squirrel. Unfortunately, this occured while he was descending one of the fastest hills in Harvard, MA: the same town as the Race the next day - May 31st. This incident reminded her of our vulnerability as cyclists. Which, of course, added to her apprehensiveness, due to: 1) this being her first road race in quite a few years, and 2) knowing that as of late, her power numbers are not where they should be to win this bike race! But as the race unfolded, experience really paid off. "After the first lap, I felt I had a shot at winning if I conserved my energy and just rode it smart. I stayed towards the front and carefully observed the other riders in the field so knew what I was up against. I figured it would be a strung out, but still a sprint to finish the race."  It was important to know when to really gun it, as the finish had an interesting profile (steep uphill, then false flat and then gradual uphill for the last 100m). She mapped out a plan for the finish sprint, executed it, and came in first place! Way to go, Coach Karen!


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