Jun 9, 2014

On June 8th, Lynette Ngo found herself in an incredibly strong field of National Team triathletes half her age as well as very strong age group athletes all vying for a shot at the Podium in the TRI-Factor Mass Start 40k Bike Race in Singapore. This race is a part of the TRI-Factor Series; a 4-leg series of sporting events starting with a mass swimming event – TRI-Factor Swim, followed by a mass cycling event – TRI-Factor Bike and mass run – TRI-Factor Run, finishing with the TRI-Factor Triathlon. 

When the gun went off, Lynette worked her way to where she needed to be, near the front just behind the leader. The pace was fast and furious. Remembering her husband Siong Hing's advice, "draft and draft till near the end", she moved from leader to leader, making sure she expended the least energy. But it wasn't too long before the other women noticed. Lynette explained, "Suddenly I got shouted at by a girl to take a turn at the front of the break. I think that's when they decided to attack me as they appeared to know one another. Their strategy was to take turns to attack while the other girl held back. I had to chase each time while everyone waited to draft me. I started getting tired." With 5k to go (one lap left) Lynette decided to let one of the attacks go, and begin to conserving energy for the sprint for 2nd place. As she neared the finish, Lynette played it smart, she didn't wait for someone else to start the sprint. She attacked early, with about 500m to go, knowing her strength is not in a short sprint. She successfully opened up a small gap which the remaining riders in her group couldn't close. Excellent work Lynette!

PCG Coach: Karen Mackin


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