May 23, 2014

On May 18th Nathan LaFrance took off at the start of the Kansas City Sprint Triathlon in Kansas City, MO. The race was closely contested, with Nathan just behind the leaders out of the swim. He quickly made up time with a lightning fast transition to bike and closed on the leaders. Nathan ran comfortably with two others at the lead, but decided on a hill as they were nearing the finish that it was time to put it into overdrive. He kicked it up the hill, and quickly had a nice gap on his nearest competition. He held them off to the finish and placed first overall! Nathan is a 16year old triathlete, who works with peaks coach Karen Mackin and has just entered the world of ITU draft legal racing. Although this race was a non-draft race, the high level of competition in the Elite Junior Ranks has really boosted his ability to perform at any race. Congratulations Nathan!

PCG Coach: Karen Mackin


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