May 19, 2014

Eric Finks raced in the O’Fallon Gold Cup race and is a teammate of Mike Rickey.

Before I put in Eric’s post-race report I wanted to say that Eric had an awful injury over the winter that required surgery on his feet and he was in boots for a good portion of the winter. After completing physical therapy and getting back on the bike we took it nice and steady to build first his lost aerobic fitness and then proceeded to build his FTP. Eric stuck with it and has been putting out numbers that surprised me so quickly! Even though he isn’t completely at his peak just yet, he is racing like nothing has happened.

He had an excellent race this weekend and here is his report, “Master's race: covered attacks and created a couple breaks that did not work out. Settled in last couple laps and was in good position on last lap and could not find Rickey to lead out. So went on the outside for sprint finish for 6th and Rickey ended up on the inside and finished 3rd. 1/2/3 race cover a couple attacks and tried to settle in after pulling back a break then could not hang on. Ended my race in 17min.” 

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin

Peaks Coaching Group Road Bicycling