May 19, 2014

Christopher Psarakis raced in the 1st Circuit of Rethymno in Homonymous City, Greece. Although this type of racing isn’t Christopher’s main strength he has improved greatly as and this is the report to his coach, “Everything went as planned today! It was a 12-lap, 2Km circuit, very technical and demanding with 7 turns/lap. I managed to enter in the break on the 5th lap, along with two other riders, 1 team-mate from men-elite category and another one from young-men. Another men-elite rider bridged with us, moments later and that was the winning beak of the day. I worked a lot in the front, since I was the only Masters rider, so I had nothing to lose at the final sprint and also, I wanted to help my team-mate.
I won the Masters general classification and I'm very content about it, because it wasn't the kind of terrain where I'm strong!"

Christopher is doing an awesome job. Way to go!!

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin