Aug 8, 2012

Scott Jones sets a course record by 3 minutes at the Aukeman Sprint Tri, Juneau Alaska on August 4, 2012.  It was a cold morning around 45 degrees near the glacier and the roads were wet from the morning fog.  He hadn't taper for the event since he is training for Nationals in Burlington in a couple of weeks.  Out of the water in second place, surprised and focused on T1, once out onto the boat launch he put on his running shoes/helmet and glasses for the long run up.  He didn't see anyone until 1.5 minutes past the turnaround on the bike, so he at least a 3 minute lead going into the run.  Winning time of 1:02.31.  Everything is coming together leading up to Nationals !!!  Congratulations !!!

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann