Aug 23, 2012

Ben Albracht
GnarLube/Landshark on the top podium spot at
San Ardo RR 35+ 123's

I went in to race thinking a break would work if I could get an arts and safeway rider with me. I attacked almost from the gun. No one seemed interested initially. I made several jumps but was solo each time. A big move went as a counter to my attack. It was about 10riders. I missed the move. It had all 3safeway riders and carinio of arts. I waited till one of the longer rollers and bridged across solo. The group worked well together. we all started pacelining and continued to paceline for about a lap at around 27mph. it felt like it was race over and this was the move but arts didn't like the fact they only had one rider in it so they put their team on the front to chase. Nunes did an amazing effort to bring the break back after about a lap. We were shocked when we got caught, we weren't going slow. After the catch theobald and a taleo rider attacked and got a gap in the section of rollers. In the long straight away section with a crosswind art entire

Team went to the front and split the field. Was fortunate to a have a wheel out of the wind and didn't have to use much energy to follow, thanks monster media guy for that. Once the field was split guys were trying to catch their breath and sitting up. I felt fresh still and attacked. No one jumped with me and now I was solo. After a few minutes a chase group of 3 riders lead by carinio of arts made it up to me. We immediately we started the paceline. We caught the two riders in front of us a few minutes later. Now we had a group of 6 one guy wasn't taking any pulls. He just didn't have the strength and we dropped him shortly. It was me carinio and theobald driving the break. The other two either skipped pulls or wouldn't stay in the wind for more than a couple seconds. On the final lap with about 6miles left in the race carinio flatted. Really unfortunate he deserved a good result and made a huge effort on the day. At the time we had a 57 sec lead on

The field. When he went back to the field arts went back to the front and chased. With 3 miles to go our lead was only 30 seconds. I and theobald were the only ones that would pull. With about 1k to go the field was right on us. I started yelling at the two guys just sitting on to pull or we would get caught. Neither of them would pull. I went to the front and opened a gap on the rest of the break. At the uphill section just before the freeway I gave it full gas. I sprinted till just past the freeway but there was still 400meters to go and now my legs were totally cooked. I still had a good gap on the field. I just tried to spin the best I could to the finish and prayed my legs wouldn't seize up. Thankfully I made it to the line solo with a couple seconds on the closing field for the win.

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann